Focusing on Actions to achieve your Goals

OKR (Objectives & Key Results) are great to align the company on what to focus on in the next quarter and how to achieve this, but on a day-to-day scenario, tasks & actions are the real driver for your success.

As a quick reminder, Objectives are your big ambitious goals. Key Results measure the achievement of an Objective. Key Results can be further drilled down into Actions & Tasks – basically the daily/weekly activities you do to accomplish your goals. The comprehensive implementation of Objectives + Key Results + Actions thus ensures “getting things done”.

This is achieved via initial alignment on Objectives & Key Results, followed by proposing & implementing continuous actions from the teams to achieve the OKRs. The more actions we carry out, the closer we get to achieve our results. This is similar to what you see in Agile Methodology.

Some of the challenges that come with implementing OKRs are:


  1. Teams are excited about Objectives & Key Results at the start but lose focus and motivation on reporting their weekly accomplishments
  2. Daily/Weekly activities that employees are doing doesn’t clearly contribute towards the KRs

For organizations adopting the OKR methodology for the first time, Actions also make it an easier transition from a traditional output-based structure. Employees don’t feel it’s a huge change from what they were doing because they still perform the same activities. Now they just become part of a larger scheme. Similarly for organizations which are struggling to effectively implement OKRs, it’s an easier narrative as “Actions” provide the much needed clarity on steps to take to achieve the goals.

So to summarize, as the name suggests, Actions is the catalyst that drives the success of an OKR program and effectively secures the results.

Using an OKR software like ZenOKR makes the link between OKRs and Actions very intuitive – especially with its Chrome Extension, which allows users to quickly add or complete tasks in ZenOKR while they work on other browser tabs. If you are new to this methodology, we recommend that you create your free account with ZenOKR to start your OKR journey.

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